Ever wondered what church is really about? Ever thought that you don't have friends or you don't belong where you are? Well we want to help you shake the fear, doubt and the loneliness by introducing you to TRIBES. TRIBES are the life of CitYouth and how we do community. They're new for 2018 and we're excited to help you get involved! 

So what are TRIBES? They're small discipleship groups that brings young people together through similar interests. Each tribe meets once a week, and addresses the topic of the month by engaging in fun tribe-specific activities, discussion, talks and of course food! TRIBES are the place where anyone between 11-18 years old can get to grow together as a community, share life and discover more about Jesus.

We introduced the idea of interest-based discipleship groups last year because we saw the growing need to deepen the mentorship and discipleship of young people. TRIBES are set up to be small discipleship groups (much like LifeGroups at BCC). Here is a quick overview of what TRIBES are:

  • There are 6 Tribes Music, Bible, Chef, Beauty, Sport and Media
  • Each session or meeting will include 4 key elements: food, talk, discussion and fun.
  • Every Tribe will have at least one Tribe Leader (Youth Leader) and at least one helper (Junior Leader or member of youth).
  • Youth can sign up at the beginning of each term, and will stay in their chosen tribe until the new term begins.
  • Tribes will meet up between 2-4 times a month, either in a social environment in the city centre or at BCC.

We are really excited about this new direction and we are eager to share more information about Tribes with you so that you get excited too! For that reason, our Tribe Leaders will make personal contact with the parents of each member in their Tribe. We are transparent and we want you to ask as many questions as possible so you get a fuller picture of what we are trying to achieve within our ministry this year, so please feel free to ask questions when one of our Tribe Leaders introduce themselves to you. 

Meeting place and time will vary with each tribe; for example one tribe may meet in a local coffee shop on a Thursday evening, and one may even meet in our local Library on a Saturday morning. Our aim is to make every tribe meeting real, relational, reliant on God and a safe place where anyone can invite their friends.

We change tribe interests every term and encourage everyone to sign up. If you're interested in joining a tribe, fill in the form below and a Tribe Leader will be in touch with you soon!

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