Life Groups

Life Groups form a key part of the discipleship strategy at BCC.  Everyone who attends BCC is invited to be part of a Life Group - weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

Life Groups offer us all some really helpful opportunities:

  • Being a mid-week spiritual stepping stone
  • Studying God's word more deeply
  • Having time for conversation and questions
  • Giving pastoral support to one another
  • Praying together for things we care about
  • Making closer friendships
  • Doing the journey of life with people we know
  • Meeting with BCC people at a location that works for us
  • Identifying and developing spiritual gifts

Life Group Registration

We are currently offering registration for two Life Groups, as follows:

Fresh Finances runs every Sunday morning 9.15-10.30am in the Conservatory while our First Service takes place in the main Auditorium, starting this weekend on Sunday 2nd July.  Fresh Finances is BCC's foundational stewardship course, and helps participants bring a Godly perspective to managing resources.

The Fruitful Life is a pioneering on-line Life Group where you take the course in your own time and at your own pace, to suit your schedule.  The course is based on John 15, and is all about becoming much more fruitful and effective as a person.  There are short teaching segments on video, along with interactive activities, teaching notes, prayers and bible verses to look up.  Each section concludes with a quiz.  If you have internet access and a busy life, then this is a great course for you to take.