BCC Summer Road Trip

Join us on our Summer Road Trip!

Here at BCC we know that the summer is a time for relaxation but also for reflection on our life direction...come and join us as we make a 'road trip' and learn the the vital lessons we need for some life redirection...you will understand Paul's missionary journeys in a brand new light too!

Over the next few weeks we are going to follow Paul and his missionary journeys and we will learn how to navigate through life!

We all need instructions so that we can follow God's ways for us and so that we can live in the promises God has given us. We will learn how to walk in God's plans for our lives.

Every Sunday 9am & 11.15am.

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For more information watch this video:




Dance Workshop at BCC


Tomorrow we will launch our new dance class with Ellie.

Come along for fun and great moves. Every Tuesday evening from 6pm -7pm in Room 1. We want to invite all the kids and youth ages 7-17.


Bring: Water bottle

Clothing: Leggings or joggers & comfortable t-shirt

Song: This is living by Hillsong Young & Free

Dance Final.jpg

Alerted but not alarmed

Dear BCC,

This is the message that Pastor Mark has received from the highest level of the police concerning our safety as we gather in our church meetings. We are all shocked at the events in Manchester and for your re-assurance Pastor Mark has been in touch with West Midland police who assure us that we are as safe as we can be to meet and gather.

We have security in place, provided by our operations manager Ian.

If you would like to join our foyer security team who keep an eye out for your safety - please let us know by emailing admin@bcc.life

We want to assure you that we have people who keep an eye out for us and our safety as we meet.

Let us carry on with our lives whilst being vigilant and let's be 'alert but not live alarmed'.

God bless
Pastor Mar

Build The House


Faith Promise Offering

Sunday 14th, 21st and 28th May


Through your generosity last year, we were able to extend our reach to support a Pastor on the island of Coron in the Philippines and we have greatly altered our building to make it more fit for purpose.

Your church is growing - we are running out of space. The Lord is moving! We are asking all those who count BCC as their home to pray and journey with us on a faith promise and pledge a love offering in order to help us reach our 20:20 vision.

  • Can we have faith to extend our current campus?
  • Can we have faith to build in Coron?
  • Can we have faith to plant a new BCC campus in our city?
  • Can we have faith to fund an evangelist staff position?
  • Can we have faith to relocate our foodbank?

We never spend your money on small venture, so come change the city with us. Let's build the house, build the mission and extend the kingdom.

Please begin to pray about what you might pledge over these important Sundays in May.



Child Sponsorship Programme



Every child is unique and deserves the chance to dream, to achieve incredible things and to look forward to a wonderful future. By becoming a sponsor you are helping break the cycle of poverty for your sponsored child and their community.

To become a sponsor in our Child Sponsorship Programme you would need to fill in a Standing Order Form and hand it in at the Info Point on a Sunday. We are asking you to give £15 monthly for at least a year.

As soon as you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a welcome pack with a photo of the child you are sponsoring and an overview of their situation so far. We will ask you to pray for a specific child, but to give your money to City Gates Academy, Philippines so that every child can benefit from your generosity. And that's just the start of the journey ... you will get school reports and news letters and even a handmade Christmas card from the children in Coron.