Easter at BCC

Easter is not a festival to  celebrate the general principle of ‘life’ – it is recognition of a happening.  Easter is not a memorial to a religious leader who has passed – it is a celebration of a life present with us.

The cross and resurrection of Jesus was the turning point of history.  It’s when the way of  relating to God changed from being based on ceremonies and sacrifices to being personal and
intimate.  It was the time when God stopped being ‘out there’ to ‘living in me’.  

The arrival of Jesus was so important that eventually even the way we count time was made to revolve around His coming.  B.C. to A.D. was the common way of seeing the time before Christ’ (B.C.) and the time ‘since Christ’ (A.D.).

A.D. stands for ‘Anno Domini’ which means ‘in the year of the Lord’.   So important was this coming into history that everything began to be counted from the time from when Jesus was born, died and rose again.  No other figure on the stage of human history has had such an effect.

This Easter could be your A.D.!  It could be the moment where you begin to count from a turning point where you decided to  investigate seriously the claims of Jesus and even become His friend.  This could be your A.D. - After Decision

We all have a B.C. – a ‘Before Christ’.  This was a  time when we had not really realised how much Christ was willing to sacrifice on our behalf.  B.C. or ‘Before the Cross’ the way of coming to God was the hard work of self effort, but on the cross Jesus took our place and paid for our wrong doings and our lives.  What a great happening! 

By rising from the dead, Jesus is still alive and we can decide to let Him direct and be a part of our lives.   But we have to decide - decide to give Him the leadership of our lives, decide to give him our heart.  As we decide, it’s a turning point for us where our lives are literally washed clean and renewed in His love… it’s amazing… it’s A.D.

After Decision... Your decision - it’s as easy as A, B, C, and D.

  • Admit you are lost
  • Believe Jesus died and rose again for you
  • Confess Him as your Lord
  • Decide to accept Him in

You can move from B.C. to A.D. and walk into new life.

We do hope you will check out everything this Easter at BCC and investigate all that God has for you in a post A.D. life!


Here's what's on over Easter;

Celebration Sunday & Palm Sunday Service.
Sunday 25th March, 10:30am.

BCC Easter Movie Night  - 'The Case For Christ'
Wednesday 28th March, 7:30pm - 9:30pm. 
(a special session of #epic kids club for children in school years 2-6 will run at the same time)

Good Friday Service.
Friday 30th March, 10am - 11:15am

Easter Sunday Services.
Sunday 1st April, 9am & 11:15am


A warm welcome awaits you!