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Mark Ryan
Senior Leader

Pastor Mark has been in church ministry for thirty years and often describes himself as a ‘church geek’; he is always interested in making the life of the church better and exploring what else can be done to further the church’s reach and depth.  He is interested deeply in discipleship which everyone can be a part of and wants to make the church accessible to everyone.  He is always thinking of ways to make church a place of meaning, despite the busyness of modern life.  

Mark has served as a pioneer church planter, a youth leader, the senior leader at Letchworth Garden City Church and has led BCC since 2009. Mark has been married to Kathy for 38 years and they have two daughters who are both married.  Kathy is an able partner and would be described as the calm one! Mark believes that leadership is to be kind and clear.  He is a strong leader with a strong visionary gift; his insight into leading growing church is often sought after by others.

Nick Whittome
Assistant Minister (Discipleship)

Pastor Nick is one of our Assistant Ministers with particular responsibility for discipleship and internal quality at BCC.  Nick’s heart is to develop people's personal discipleship from the example of Jesus and on as many levels as possible.  Nick became a Christian on an Alpha Course in the Year 2000; in 2005 he left the I.T. world to retrain at Elim's bible college and became a full-time pastor in 2008.  Before coming to Birmingham in 2015, Nick has been an assistant pastor and then also led an Elim church near High Wycombe for five years.

Nick believes that church should bless everyone with God’s goodness, win everyone into God’s kingdom and nurture everyone to become more like Jesus each day. He believes that church must be Spirit-filled, healthy, vibrant, fun, relevant, systematic, purposeful, compassionate, excellent and generous – and deeply helpful for everyone. Nick’s desire is to build church with these characteristics for as long as he lives. Nick enjoys reading, music, cycling, camping, curry, DIY, table-tennis and ten-pin bowling; he is married to Chloe and they have three sons, George, Simon and Adam.

Sarah Hopley 
Assistant Minister (Pastoral Matters, Health and Healing)

Pastor Sarah is one of our Assistant Ministers with particular responsibility for pastoral care, health and healing.  Sarah has a strong Pentecostal heritage with roots in the Welsh Revival and is no stranger to Birmingham; her father and grandfather both pioneered and pastored large multicultural churches in the city, with ‘Birmingham for God’ as their family motto. 

In 2009 Sarah left her career in administration within the NHS and studied to retrain as an Elim minister; Pastor Sarah has been at BCC since 2014 and now oversees the zone system of pastoral care across the city.  Sarah loves to worship and has served in most ministries within church throughout her life.  She is passionate about ministering to those in crisis situations and to those who are suffering or dying. 


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Paola Easton
Stewardship Pastor

Paola is the Finance Director and Stewardship Pastor at BCC and has been an active member since 1998.  She joined the staff team in 2008 in response to a need and as a step into deeper ministry. Since 2013 Paola has been developing the Stewardship Ministry within BCC; this is something she is profoundly passionate about and eager to teach.  Her desire is to see people transformed in their daily lives through implementing Godly principles and perspectives to the way that they manage not only their finances, but also their abilities, from God as they step into greater service for Him. 

She is married to Danny, an Elder within BCC, and they have two children – Jake and Alessia. Paola enjoys travelling and cooking, and both her tiramisu and banana and nutella muffins have an ever increasing fan club.