Prayer points for Pastor Mark while he is on mission

Please pray for:

  • Peace, assurance and comfort for Kathy back at home

  • Clarity from God during times of personal devotion - and that the Spirit would guide Mark from the passages of Scripture he is reading

  • Highly impactful and convicting messages that would bear long-term kingdom fruit

  • Healthy meals, clean water, restful sleep, protection against any illness, accidents and injury, swift acclimatisation into different temperature and humidity, and easy adjustment into new time zones (both there and back again).

  • Excellent and safe travel with no disruptions, and excellent communications availability via phone and internet

  • Great relationships built with everyone he ministers to and meets with

  • Effective exercise of spiritual gifts, appropriate to the needs of the Kingdom and the body

  • Plenty of physical energy and strength to give out each day

  • Deep replenishment and re-infilling each day from the Holy Spirit - and a good balance of times to relax

  • Complete covering with spiritual armour (Ephesians 6), and protection from any attack by the enemy

  • Great favour with all the people he meets, both within the church and also beyond it

Prayer at BCC

Prayer underpins everything that happens at BCC.  We all pray.  We pray during our Sunday services, our ministers pray, our staff team prays, we pray in our Life Groups, we pray over our church and city, and we pray with other churches.  We pray about everything!

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