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Stronger Men is the ministry for the men of BCC!

We meet as men every other Tuesday at BCC in our Stronger Men Life Group.

All meeting dates for 2019 are below.

If you are a man and you come to BCC - then you are welcome along!

Men at BCC are “Stronger Men” because we value:

A: Connection & Growth

ONE: We follow Jesus in thought, word, action and character (Tue 29th Jan)

a.    What it means to follow Jesus

b.    Counting the cost and taking up our cross

c.    Becoming like Jesus through the fruit of the Spirit

TWO: We relate to God for ourselves (Tue 12th Feb)

a.    Having God as Father

b.    What it means to be adopted as a true son into God’s family

c.    Being filled with the Holy Spirit (Receiving The Holy Spirit)

Saturday 16th Feb: MPower National Prayer Morning @ Ealing Christian Centre – book at

THREE: We shape our souls from the bible each day (Tue 26th Feb)

a.    Principles of spiritual nutrition (SPACEPETS)

b.    Hearing from God’s through his word for ourselves

c.    Following a bible reading plan effectively (Daily Bible Plans)

Saturday 2nd Mar: Men’s Breakfast at BCC, 8am

four: We pray each day (Tue 12th Mar)

a.    Prayer as continual communication with God

b.    Praying the Lord’s prayer

c.    Different kinds of prayer: intercession, tongues, corporate

B: Health & Strength

FIVE: We have a healthy perspective on our pasts (Tue 26th Mar)

a.    Understanding who & what has influenced us

b.    Healing past hurts and baggage

c.    Using biblical affirmations to build freedom (Freedom in Christ statements)

SIX: We live within Godly boundaries (Tue 9th Apr)

a.    Living inside God’s boundaries: genuine freedom

b.    Navigating temptation successfully

c.    Building accountability relationships to help us (Covenant Eyes software)

seven: We practise spiritual disciplines (Tue 30th Apr)

a.    Outline of spiritual disciplines (Fasting ‘Appointment’)

b.    Maturing the disciplines in our lives

c.    Picking a discipline and developing it strongly

EIGHT: We withstand personal trials with God's help (Tue 14th May)

a.    The theology of suffering

b.    Spiritual armour & warfare

c.    What to do during difficult seasons

Friday 10th May - Sunday 12th May Dads and Lads Event South Wales - book at

Friday 17th May: Half Night of Prayer 8pm–1am

C. Influence & Leadership (Challenge,
Aug 31)

NINE: We connect, receive and serve regularly at our church (Tue 21st May)

a.    How to belong to church

b.    Receiving from church ministry

c.    Influencing through regular service (Serving ‘Appointment’)

ten: We steward our resources to build God's kingdom: finance, fitness and time (Tue 11th Jun)

a.    Getting our finances in order (Doing A Budget)

b.    Keeping fit and healthy (Fitness Assessment & Action Plan)

c.    Using our time well (Time & Priority Planner)

ELEVEN: We deploy our human talents and spiritual gifts to build church (Tue 25th Jun)

a.    Talents finder & gifts assessment (Practical Assessments)

b.    Matching who you are to what church needs (List of BCC volunteering needs)

c.    Creating and sustaining ministries

Saturday 29th Jun: Full Night of Prayer 8pm–6am

Twelve: We influence others through long-term Kingdom fruitfulness (Tue 9th Jul)

a.    Abundance through ‘abiding in the vine’ (Fruitful Life Course Online)

b.    Deepening through discipline

c.    Principles of pruning

Saturday 31st Aug: Summer Challenge

D. Witness & Mission (Mission to Estonia, Sep 27-30)

THIRTEEN: We befriend people and share our faith (Tue 10th Sep)

a.    All aspects of our lives are authentic

b.    We know how to make friends (Moving In New Circles ‘Appointment’)

c.    We know how and when to give our testimony (Testimony ‘Appointment’)

Monday 23rd Sep: Men’s Curry Night

fourteen: We make disciples of others (Tue 24th Sep)

a.    We know how to lead people to salvation

b.    We know how to encourage brothers in their faith journey (Encouragement ‘Appointment’)

c.    Three levels of disciple-making: drawing down; peers; mentoring

Fri 27th–Mon 30th Sep: MPower Short-Term Mission to Estonia

FIFTEEN: We go on mission (Tue 8th Oct)

a.    Understanding the Great Commission

b.    What it means to be ‘sent to the world’

c.    Going on an actual mission (Review of Mission to Estonia)

Friday 11th Oct: Half Night of Prayer 8pm–1am

SIXTEEN: We help those around us in need (Tue 22nd Oct)

a.    The compassion of Jesus

b.    Good works that come from our faith

c.    Meeting needs in definite and sustainable ways (Compassion ‘Appointment’)

E: Wisdom & Understanding

Seventeen: We understand what Jesus achieved for us on the cross (Tue 12th Nov)

a.    What happened to Jesus on the cross?

b.    Getting our heads round ‘substitutionary atonement’

c.    The significance of the cross for us and the world

Saturday 16th Nov: Annual Enable Men’s Conference

EIGHTEEN: We know our Christian history and heritage (Tue 26th Nov)

a.    The story of the global church

b.    The story of the Pentecostal movement

c.    The origins of the Elim church & of BCC

NINETEEN: We know how to interpret contemporary culture BIBLICALLy (Tue 10th Dec)

a.    What being like the men of Issachar means

b.    Knowing what to affirm and what to confront in our world (Contemporary Media ‘Appointment’)

c.    Accessing Godly wisdom from the book of Proverbs