BeOne for students & 20s

BeOne is BCC’s ministry focusing on students and those in their 20s. Like the early church in the Bible, we believe that relationships and belonging to community and family are vital for life and discipleship.

If you’re fed up of textbook talk and want to know how to live for Christ through the life changes of your 20s… we’ll see you at BeOne.


Sundays from 1pm - 2pm for FOOD

If you’re a student, or working and in your 20s, stick around after the 11:15am service to have lunch with a whole group of students and 20s from different walks of life and battle it out in one of our famous quizzes.


Life group

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9pm for Bible study

This term we are working through the first eight chapters of Romans. We’ll be studying this excellent book in depth, looking at the holiness of God, the fallen nature of man, the redeeming work of Jesus and our response.

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