Limitless Festival 7th-12th August 2017

Visit our Limitless Festival Page here.

If you would like to sign up, please contact our office on 0121 236 2997.  Registration ends on Sunday 6th August 2017.  Price is £123 for the whole week including catering.

CitYouth (11-18yrs)

CitYouth is Birmingham City Church's youth ministry. We exist to help young people BELIEVE the Bible whole-heartedly through Gospel-centred teaching, to help them GROW through key relationships, and to INSPIRE them to help develop
a passion to serve others.


Wednesdays, 7.30pm - 9pm (11-14's & 15 - 18's)

The place where biblical discussion and meaningful experiences exists alongside explosive fun and community, our discipleship programme is designed to encourage and equip our young people to become lifelong disciples of Jesus.


Fridays, 7.30pm - 9pm (11 - 18's)

CityLights on a Friday night means to cultivate a focused but fun Christian environment where youth can specifically develop their relationships with each other in a casual setting. Through games, social outings on occasion, inviting Christian musicians and performers among other activities, CityLights is where the young grow and memories are made.


2016 has seen two more Parental Access meetings since its inception in 2015. We have had great feedback from parents and the team and I enjoy sharing with parents about the journeys of our young people who we love to see make progress! The vision is to build the spiritual life and engagement of the families in BCC, foundations first. To add to this, we as CitYouth will now be holding three Parental Access meetings a year, to be held at the beginning of every term, to strengthen the conversation between leaders and parents.

CitYouth on Sunday

Sundays, 11.15am service (11-18’s)

A mix of relevant, biblical teaching and inspirational worship designed to equip our young people to effectively live out their faith and passionately be the difference in the world.



Big Praise Sundays were launched in September 2016 with the intention of creating a lively environment for our youth to express their praise and adoration for God. With this, we have seen that it is important to also teach about what worship is and why we do it. Taking place on the first Sunday of every month, our long term vision is to see mature young people with a cultivated, true affection for Jesus and to explore the parameters and methods of worship in their own way.

From growing up to social justice, from school to money, from sexuality to human suffering, today's young people have a variety of thoughts, issues and ideas they're exposed to. And more than ever before, this causes immense pressure and a lack of hope. This is why starting January 8th to the end of March we will explore both practically and thoughtfully how, as Wisdom Literature, the collective wisdom of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job will help them understand and deal with the complexity of life and restore hope in God's control over every situation. 

Read along with us. God has something in these books for you and your whole family.

Read along with us. God has something in these books for you and your whole family.

Calais Mission Trip 15th - 17th Feb 2016

Just on our borders there is a refugee camp of the broken, hurting and displaced from the war torn Syria.  

In partnership with Elim missions and a warehouse distribution centre eight of our young people went to the camp at Calais to distribute food parcels they had put together.  

This was an opportunity for our youth to experience mission and provide help to those who are in such need.