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We exist to help young people believe the Bible wholeheartedly through Gospel-centered teaching, to help them grow in their faith through meaningful relationships and to inspire them to develop a passion to serve others.

Birmingham City Church serves parents and young people (ages 11-17), through the youth work and ministry of CitYouth. Through Sunday morning meetings, Friday night socials, special events and other activities, we shepherd the youth through teaching, worship, and small group interaction. Through each facet of our ministry, we're looking to display the excellence of Jesus and inspire young people towards an ever-increasing delight and maturity in him.

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11.15am Service

Sunday's mean one thing to us - hearing from God! Hearing from God changes things - changes us! And because we each hear from God in different ways, we engage in worship, deliver teaching and have discussions in different ways too. We want to inspire you to be Church with us! 







CityLights on Friday Nights means to cultivate a focussed but fun and excellent experience for young people, where youth can specifically develop their relationships with each other in a casual setting. We play games, eat food, chill to music and have a general laugh together! 



TRIBES are the life of our youth ministry and how we do community. These are interest-based, discipleship group to help us connect and grow with others. It's where we get to talk about life and God, share with each other and have fun at the same time. If you're interested in joining a TRIBE, click the button below.

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