We Are Birmingham City Church (BCC)

We are a vibrant inner-city church. 

We believe in discipleship.  Our discipleship is strong and accessible to all. 

We have a strong commitment to worship, the care of the needy and an affirming, encouraging, unified culture amongst ourselves.  

We think transformation is possible for everyone and is necessary for all people.  Transformation can only truly happen through a relationship with Jesus.  

Reflective of our city, we are a multicultural church with people from over 40 separate nations attending each week.  It’s a real blend and witness of how people in a city can not only get on, but also work together to make a difference.

BCC is a Pentecostal Church

Our wider church family is the Elim Pentecostal movement which has 500 churches in cities, towns and local communities all over the country and a worldwide missionary movement.  

There is a warm welcome for everyone to come; we also seek to go and serve many different needs and locations in our city.

Churches near me

If you are asking: "Are there any Elim churches near me that I can attend?" then look no further than Birmingham City Church!  We are easily accessible from a number of bus routes which run right past our front door; and we are also betwee ten and fifteen minutes' walk from both Snow Hill and New Street rail stations.


We are Birmingham City Church, and we are a part of a network of connected Pentecostal churches throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

What?  Why?  How?

What do we do?  Why do we do it?  

Our mission statement is ‘Transformed Lives, Transforming Lives’.  This is not just a neat slogan; we have a definite plan of how this can be done.  Here is our four step strategy to bring about transformation:

We seek to instruct, model and mentor so that people have built into them a healthy and biblical approach to life.  We seek to heal and repair damage to people, building healthy and healing patterns so that people can live a different life.

We don’t think Christianity is a solo flight and so we seek always to connect people into our church.  Belonging really happens when people connect to our life groups and join a ministry.  We also believe that people need to belong to their work community and the community where they live.  By belonging we have to live out what we believe and in the act of being part of our communities we are transformed through our interaction and relationships.

We subscribe to the maxim ‘Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are’.  We think everyone is on a journey of discovery and that we are to discover our gifts and deepen our richness in the roles that we are called upon to have.  When we become batter parents, transformation happens; when we discover our spiritual gifts and take up our ministries, we become transformed.

Things don’t change until someone is faithful to take up their assignment and to then work at it until change occurs.  Transformed lives happen as we take up our assignment in God and work through all the difficulties we may face; we can come out the other side with an established ongoing ministry that serves others.  

So connect... if you like what we do, why we do it and how we intend to bring it about, please take up our invitation to connect. 

How can you connect?  

Connect by coming along
Anyone is welcome at our services on a Sunday.  You could also join one of the courses we are running centrally or in our ongoing life groups across the city; some groups and courses meet weekly and others once per month, but if you want to be a part of BCC, start by connecting on a Sunday or with one of our groups.

Connect by joining a ministry 
We have several entry or ‘first level’ ministries that will help you to be part of a team and become involved with a friendly group of people.  

Connect by asking
A great place to let us know that you want to connect is at our Information Point in the foyer or in the Welcome area in our Life Café.  Give us your details and we always get back to you.