As well as strong teaching, we are building into this series some strong experiences that will make the teaching come alive.



Christian Essentials

Christian Essentials is the perfect course for people who have just made that first step of coming to faith in Jesus and also for those who have decided to recommit their lives to Jesus once again. The course runs for eight weeks according to demand, and provides a firm foundation of key Christian truths and practices to help you live a full and vibrant life as a Christian, and to help you experience God for yourself.

There is plenty of space on the course to ask questions and to have these addressed clearly and honestly.  There are also opportunities to share and reflect on your faith journey so far, to become friends with other Christians and to become connected with the community of church.

Christian Essentials also prepares people for water baptism, which itself becomes a great opportunity to invite family and friends to church.

Our next Christian Essentials course coming soon!



In Luke 19 v 11-26 Jesus taught us that God rewards those who steward their finances well.  Our finances are a gift from God that he wants us to steward wisely by operating under His principles.

In the Fresh Finances course, we explore the differences between our cultural principles and practices concerning the area of finance - and how that differs to what God has instructed in His word.


the pattern

The apostle Paul gave an instruction to the church at Philippi:

"Join with others in following my example, brothers, and take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you."  [Philippians 3:17]

Paul gave his disciples a pattern to live by.  He modeled a way of life that he encouraged the early church to follow and to establish as a pattern for their lives.

The Pattern is a 10-week discipleship course created by Elim Pastors Dave Ayling and Dom John, based on Romans 12, which teaches us how to live according to the pattern Paul taught to the early followers of Jesus.

The course spells out key principles and themes that we need to take hold of, in order to try and build a pattern of Christian living.

Look out for our next 'Pattern' course coming soon!


Bible Walk Through

Bible Walk Through is a teaching course to equip Christians with a better working knowledge of the Bible.

Sessions cycle around in threes: firstly, material giving an overview of a particular book of the Bible; secondly, teaching on a particular theme throughout the Bible (such as forgiveness); and thirdly, a focus on a particular person or character in the Bible.

Bible Walk Through runs throughout the year with quality teaching in a seminar format.  It is possible for people to come along for individual sessions or whole series. Participants come away with a more detailed knowledge of Scripture and its application to everyday life.

Bible Walk Through is taking a break and will be back soon!





At BCC we practice adult baptism by full emersion.  Baptismal services are held frequently throughout the year for those who have attended a baptismal instruction class, usually as part of the Christian Essentials or Alpha courses.

If you would like to be baptised, please leave your details at the Information Point on a Sunday or contact the office



The BCC membership course is an informative, fast paced fresh look at church membership and belonging. You will learn the history and beliefs of BCC, but most importantly, also the real essence of the heart and vision of what makes Birmingham City Church tick.  Pastor Mark and Kathy always host this course to get to know you personally and you will be introduced to their story and current journey in BCC. 

Some people only see membership as 'ticking a box' or just a formal exercise, however, this course is designed to be a significant moment in your spiritual progress.  The membership course will propel you in your relationship with God and often into new areas of ministry.

If you are new to BCC you are warmly invited to come along to our next Membership Course coming soon...



Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.  Typically Alpha is held on a mid-week evening and lasts for ten weeks. On each occasion there is food, a talk and a chance to ask questions in a group.  Approximately half-way through, Alpha participants also have an opportunity to explore further on a fuller Saturday session.

Alpha works best through personal invitation, and when family or friends get the chance to come along with someone they already know who is a Christian.


Internships at BCC

The internship experience at BCC is an intensive programme of leadership development where each Intern gets a really good insight into the issues, joys and challenges of running a city church like BCC.   There are five key components to our internship:

1.      Each intern has a ministry specialism:  an area that they want to progress in to see if this area is their real gift and passion.

2.      Each intern works generally around the church to make the mission of the church happen.

3.      Each intern has a personal mentor that they meet once per week.

4.      Each intern has a two-day a week job outside of the church, so they can fund their year.

5.      Each intern undergoes a study component around the issues of leadership.

Sundays are always a work day for interns; expect to be fully involved!

The internship at BCC is like being in Fast and Furious with the adventure of Lord of the Rings thrown in. Are you interested in taking the challenge of your life so far? Ask us, if you dare!